Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Green Cocktails Anyone?

Every Spring I like to give my liver a break and begin my own form of “cleanse”.
Typically I like to eat breakfast, but when the weather gets warmer I enjoy starting
my day off with a nice green vegetable juice. This is not a huge pint glass, but rather
a small 1/2 cup serving size, because a little fresh greens juice goes a long way! 

In oriental medicine Spring is associated with tree or wood energy. The corresponding
organs which are most affected and active at this time are the liver and gall bladder,
whose main job is to aid in digestion and metabolize fat. In the colder months we
naturally consume heartier foods which include more savory seasonings and fat.
Additionally, a higher percentage of baked foods are consumed which make our
overall condition more dry. I find that juicing makes me feel more light, positive and
fresh, just in time for Spring.

In Spring, the taste du jour is mild sweet and sour. Combining these two tastes helps to relax
our liver and gall bladder, giving them a break after heavier Winter foods. These juices have a 
refreshing quality that allow us to detox the excess and help to boost our metabolism for a new
Spring cleaning!

Here are some of my favorite green cocktail combinations: 

Ah, so green and fresh!

Napa, green apple and cabbage juice
This combo offers a nice sweet and sour taste.

1/8 cup of napa cabbage juice
1/8 cup of green cabbage juice
1/4 cup of green apple

Napa, cucumber, green apple juice
This combo is mildly sweet and a little
more tart. The cucumber makes it bit of a natural diuretic. 

1/4 cup napa cabbage
1/8 cup green apple
1/8 cup cucumber

Green cabbage, bok choy, cucumber, parsley and lemon
This juice is very fresh, green, and alive with chlorophyll. It is also a diuretic.
1/8 cup green cabbage
1/8 cup cucumber
1/4 cup bok choy
A few sprigs of parsley

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  1. Susan, do you make all these juices in a juicer or are they blended in a blender as a smoothie, with the fiber as well? I am thinking of doing something like this but using warmed up juice - first blending into a smoothie and then heating for 1 or 2 minutes, because I am in a yin condition and this would be too raw for me...what do you think of that?