Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fitness

With the warm weather arriving early this year now is the time to put in extra effort
to work on your health and fitness. It is time to pack away the winter woolies and
break out the cute stuff. You know, the styles that leave us a little more exposed. 

'Tis the season to get into shape, regardless of your sex or age. 
Many people have a tendency to gain weight over the winter. All though the extra pounds are not a comfortable feeling, the motivation to do  something about it is not quite the same in winter as the incentive the warm weather brings. Whether you call it vanity or egocentric, most people become a little self conscious when they gain weight. Today I am giving you my simple, delicious, and non-fussy strategies for losing any excess baggage. Try one or several of my suggestions. At the very minimum you will receive some positive health benefits and start feeling better.
There are three areas of practice to which you should devote your time and energy when trying to
achieve an optimum weight: eating habits, diet and exercise. Separately, each has its
own perks. When used together these lifestyle practices are most effective and provide the
foundation for healthy weight loss.

Adopt a plant-based diet that includes whole and unrefined grains with every meal. 
Have 2 or 3 regular meals a day and do not skip a meal. 
Try to eat at earlier times, like; breakfast at 8:00, lunch before 1:00, and be finished with 
dinner by 8:00. 
Do not eat before bedtime. Give your body time to digest, which is about 3 hours. 
All these practices will help to keep your metabolism more active and help you to 
eliminate more excess.

Eat plenty of vegetables, both light cooked and longer cooked
Have quick steamed greens with fresh squeezed lemon, often or daily.
Make soft cooked daikon radish, either long steamed or boiled. Have a nice large
serving several times a week.
Make miso soup with daikon radish, dried shitake mushroom and leafy greens often.
Stay away from refined and processed foods.
Eat less baked foods, salty foods, and dry foods.

And the most important exercise for weight loss:
Fresh vegetables, a key factor in healthy weight loss!
Walking outside
Try to walk outdoors as much as possible.
 If you have the time take a walk everyday. 
Be active and engage yourself in activity that you find enjoyable and fun.

In the very near future, I will discuss exercise in more detail. I feel it is important to find what
suits you and what will give you the most benefit over time.

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