Services: Cooking Classes, Consultations and more

My Philosophy of Cooking

To me, cooking is a creative form of expression. I believe that the essence and true spirit of the cook shines through in the food they make. Food is life-sustaining, healing, spiritual and fun. It is one of the ultimate expressions of love for oneself, family and friends.

All good cooks develop a relationship with food. When I walk into a nice kitchen store, I get excited. When I go to the farmers’ market, I get inspired. When I am in the kitchen I am creative!

I like to use traditional simple and fresh ingredients. My approach is to bring out the natural taste of the food itself, rather than relying on heavy seasoning and lots of spice.

As a teacher, my goal is to inspire my students to be better cooks and to have fun while they are doing it. I try to think of every little thing I do when I am making a dish and relay these helpful hints to my students so they can replicate the dish with confidence and ease.

I offer consultations in various forms:

Personal Menu Planning
I create a 2 to 4 week written meal plan for the client to follow. I base the plan upon the individual’s health needs and their personal schedule to keep the plan realistic and achievable. Some recipes and verbal instruction are also included as part of the consult. Menu planning may be done in person, by Skype or by phone.

Private or Group Cooking Classes
The classes are based on what the individual or group wants to learn. Personal or semi-private instruction includes knife skills and some “hands on” practice. Each student will be provided with recipes from the class.

Personal Health Consultations
An initial assessment of the client’s present condition will be made by using methods of Oriental Physiognomy and Meridian Diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be made to help bring the client’s condition to balance.

The client will receive written recommendations and a recipe booklet to follow. Follow-up questions may be addressed by phone for up to 15 minutes, otherwise it is suggested that the client schedule another appointment.

Kitchen Set Up Consultation
Kitchen set-up consultations can take many forms. If you are renovating your kitchen, I am available to offer advice on spacial arrangement, as well as stoves and other appliances. I also offer consultations on cookware and kitchen arrangement and organization.

Restaurant Consultations
Many restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian dishes. I can take your vegan and vegetarian cooking up a notch by advising you in how achieve a greater balance of flavor. Learn how to create delicious vegan food that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Please contact me for more information on individual services, scheduling, and pricing.
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