Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome Back

Photo taken last year at Bahia Honda, one of our favorite beaches in the Keys

Hi Everyone! After a wonderful vacation in Key West, Florida we are back in
sunny Philadelphia, resuming our seminars (Health Intensive) and our Year Long
Certificate Course. You can become a health consultant or an accomplished cook.
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Open Doors of Health - Extended Offer for June Programs

I have to admit it isn’t easy getting back into work mode, especially after spending time in Key West. Mid-May marks our annual trip and really is a perfect time to visit. Tourist season is waning and the weather is just a little warmer, so returning to Philly we do not experience severe temperature shock! Key West is a bit of paradise for us, I absolutely love it there and cannot think of a better place to unwind, relax and just do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is the something you need to re-charge and stimulate your creativity.

Please stay tuned for future posts and some of my island inspirations.

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