Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Welcome to my blog! My name is Susan Waxman and I am a macrobiotic chef and teacher living in Philadelphia.

I want this blog to be a guide for better eating and, ultimately, better living. I believe that when we have our health we have no limitations. We are capable of creating the life we want through the daily choices we make in our diet and lifestyle. Every week I will share a blog entry with you that explores the health benefits of a plant-based diet and living a macrobiotic life. That is, living life from the perspective of “the larger view”. The content may be in the form of a philosophical idea, a recipe, or a lifestyle practice. Most importantly I want to have fun with it and want to share my fun, so let’s play together!

We need food in order to live. Many things in our lives are beyond our immediate reach of control. The single thing that is within our reach, of which we can obtain the most control, is our daily food. This is unique because our food choices have the most ability to determine our destiny. At any given time we are either moving toward health or away from health by the food choices we make.

My mission is to promote a grain and vegetable plant-based diet that explores the principal of balance and utilizes Macrobiotic philosophy. Because I love to cook, I will be focusing on food and cooking- that is, high-quality, (mostly) vegan cuisine made delicious and simple!

Oyster mushrooms with summer squash and baby arugula


  1. Susan! Great that you have a blog! Love the idea! Can't wait to read more! Hope you are well. Holiday wishes from Adrianna in California!

  2. Food looks delicious, congratulations on your new blog.

    Scott Sayre
    mb cook Occupy LA

  3. Hi Susan,

    Your blog looks great! I can't wait to read more and enjoy some of your interesting and unique recipes. Hope to see you and Denny soon.

    Love, Elizabeth

  4. Susan, this is wonderful! I'm soooo happy you're doing this! How often will it be updated? Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! I'll be in touch soon! Love, Sally

  5. Great pictures! Love the blog so far.